Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello Friends, Readers and Travelers,
It has been awhile since I posted on my blog, but then again I write everyday and somehow it just stacks up on my desktop. Daily life is consuming at best – but with good health and attitude we forge ahead to pursue what brings meaning and purpose to our lives.

With that said, I start again and hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming posts. I have some exciting news to share about the journeys I have launched this fall. One in particular is a Culinary and Artistic Journey to Umbria, October 8-20, 2012.  And no culinary talent is required…you can just enjoy the benefits of dining. It is however, the only small ‘boutique’ journey being offered by Traveling Matters and is the only year it will be offered.  If you are curious to experience a journey in the Umbrian countryside off the beaten track, this is the journey for you.

Living here in Sonoma, California I am reminded everyday how many locals travel to Italy, have Italian heritage or know someone in Italy.  Anyone can get to Italy, and with the help of travel blogs and glossy brochures you can arrive at your destination with many things to do. However, as a friend recently reminded me, “your journeys offer a journey beyond all of that. With heart and soul you offer something magical and personally transformational." that's true, I try to focus my journeys as the vehicle for travelers to rediscover something missing in their daily lives – perhaps the spirit of laughter and play while also learning about a country’s history, culture, food and families across the globe.

If nothing more has kindled my inspiration to continue group travel work, it is this knowing that my travelers have lingering memories of their experiences of having traveled on a journey with me. The Journey is the vehicle and the expansion of one’s life is the destination. Traveling to foreign countries gives us the opportunity to take the inner journey in a way like no other. I give the highest priority to the details for your care and comfort – so that you can open yourselves up to total joy.  I cannot wait to have you join me!

If you are attracted to all that defines Umbria, Italy...its breathtaking landscape, dotted with small hill towns; its regional cuisine, dark Sagrantino wine and Perugian dark chocolate...all steeped in ancient intact traditions and secrets handed down through generations - then there are not enough words to describe to you the vision of this journey. It will open your eyes to art everywhere and gracious friendly people honoring the importance of community, evidenced by the daily ritual of gathering around the table and eating and conversing as time stands still.
The lure of the simple life through culinary experiences draws travelers year after year to the region of Umbria. If the mention of rare white truffles, strangozzi  (the regional pasta), crescia (typical style of Umbrian bread)  sound enticing to you as you read this, and you find yourself tasting, sensing, hearing and feeling the words as you read... imagine yourself in these Umbrian towns with every decision and detail meticulously provided for....are you ready to start packing now?
I know you're the kind of traveler I would like to have join me on this journey and hope you can participate and explore with me this region of Italy with its sensory delights.
If you wish more information or to enroll in any of our other Italy offerings, contact me through the website:  
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